Brunch at Little Bricks on Derby Road

Little Bricks is the next step in the Evolution of The Little Brickhouse formerly housed in the old shipping container in Sherwood that sadly closed during the pandemic. Happily they are back now with a ‘brick and mortar’ restaurant on Derby Road.

I have been watching their Instagram posts for a while salivating over the pictures of the food that had been served up the last few weeks and was on a mission to track them down this weekend to try them out

The new restaurant is just a few minutes walk down from Canning Circus and lies across the road from one of my favorite pubs in Nottingham, the Hand and Heart. This was a handy marker to find the place after I had read an Instagram post from Katharina the owner who had posted about sitting in the pub a few weeks back looking across the road to her restaurant.


The Brunch menu at Little Bricks written on a larger chalkboard leaning on a table inside the restuarant read very well. There was a lot that I wanted to try and a lot that I was curious of.

I had my mind on one of two dishes either The Bratwurst with Bacon, eggs, German Mustard, a Beet Puree, German Cucumber Salat and Turkish Bread or the Turkish Eggs was with Shakshuka, Haydari (a Turkish Yogurt dip), Pickles, Turkish Bread, Katke, and Dukkah. I like a Shakshuka that tasty mix of eggs poached in a tomato, pepper, onion sauce so was torn a little as to what to pick

I was helped out a little as two plates came out of the kitchen to the couple on the table next to us. Coincidentally they were having the Bratwurst and the Turkish eggs and they both looked really good if somewhat large! It was the sight of the great big sausage and dreamy looking eggs on one plate that swayed it for me and I picked the Bratwurst 🙂

I was always going to choose between the Bratwurst or the Turkish eggs, but now home I felt that I possibly let one dish slip through my fingers and that was the Frikadellen. I just googled that name to discover that those were ‘pan-fried ground meat patties’. I feel that somewhere in the back of my mind I did know that but it seems that today a little better food knowledge could have helped me when perusing the menu, as I might have leant towards those as I totally love a meatball


I had ordered the ‘Bratwurst with Bacon, eggs, German Mustard, a Beet Puree, German Cucumber Salat and Turkish Bread‘ which was a rather large plateful of food. It also had a lot more in the mix than that brief summary on the menu

The Bratwurst sausage was big and meaty with a nice crisp char giving it a bit of colour in places just as I like . It was quite solid when cut into yet still juicy and moist. I liked the thick crispy bacon slices and two soft eggs that it was served with.

It was all the other stuff that came with those three main components that really made the dish, a refreshing crunchy cucumber salad, two mustards (whole grain and yellow), a beet puree, light sauerkraut pickle (I think), and some sort of green herb dressing.

Mixed together,as one so chose, with the proteins it made every mouthful a lot more interesting.

It was certainly a very filling plateful and I left the place fully satiated and quite replete. The only thing that I would have changed would to have had my eggs on a bit of toasted bread, but that is just me and I know I should just eat what I am given like a good boy 🙂


One of us also had the Wafflen (or waffles to you and I) that came with greek yoghurt and fruit compote. It was declared to be very good from a person who had never had a waffle like this before.

We learnt that the waffle was made fresh using spelt flour from the Windmill at Sneinton, so all very local. I asked my Mother what flavour the fruit compote was and she was not sure but having looked at one photo it looked like it was a mix so that was probably why.

Having the yoghurt topping made the dish a lot less sweet than expected and perhaps a little lighter so it was less filling somehow (I know that seems to make no sense)

At just £5 it was a real bargain as well both for the quality and for the size of the portion

Everyone made us feel welcome and it was like eating in someones front room as opposed to taking up space in someones restaurant. I definitely want to eat here again and next time I will ask what everything is on the menu and when I am eating so that I can get everything that I fancy.

I was so glad that we had made the effort to track down Little Bricks, it was just as I had hoped and expected, a really nice, friendly, and homely place to sit and eat. Very good value as well at just over 20 quid for two with tea and coffee

Located at 110 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG1 5FB, Little Bricks is just opposite the Hand and Heart pub and a short walk down from Canning Circus

You can also check them out for events and the latest menus on their Instagram feed

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