Khatti Meethi – Indian Street Food

Khatti Meethi were at the Sutton Bonington Farmer’s market this month serving up their Indian Street Food Thali plates and assorted snacks.

I have seen and eaten their fare before when I have seen them at the Sneinton Vegan market but I hadn’t written about them before on the blog.


On today’s chalkboard at the market Khatti Meethi were offering up a Samosa Chaat and a Bhaji Chaat for £5.50 and also a Thali plate for £7.

The Thali plate sounded like good value and as I was a bit peckish I figured it was a good deal, so I ordered one of those


The Thali plate was made up of a ‘Tamarind Daal’ served with Tumeric rice, a ‘Chickpea, pepper and potato sabzi’ and a Beet pakora, together with a salad and some sauce. I added a cheeky vegetable samosa as well just because I fancied doing so

I liked everything on this Thali plate, the Chickpea, pepper and potato sabzi curry was a little spicy but nothing too extreme, I like the crunch of the pepper and chickpea and the softness of the potato.

The Tamarind daal was nice and creamy and was really good mixed up with the yellow tumeric rice. It was also good for dipping that crispy beet pakora and the veg samosa into.

All things considered there were lots of good flavours, textures and spices to interest ones palate and tastebuds, and it filled me up a lot more than I had expected it too.


There was also a display tray of what was in the Thali on the table that I had eaten and I thought that my plateful looked a lot more attractive but to be fair the one showed did looked like quite a decent portion and laid out the different bits on offer.

There was chilli pepper in some sort of fried coating and the disc shaped beetroot patty also looked interesting.

If you didn’t want a full meal you could also just get a few Indian snack or nibbles. I saw and overheard a few people who had done just that, grabbing themselves a vegetable samosa or onion bhaji, always a good plan.

If I had not been hungry enough for the Thali you would have seen me wandering around the market snacking on a samosa.

Khatti Meethi – Indian Street Food stall can be found in and around the area at various markets not just this one at Sutton Bonington serving up their Vegan offerings.

As I said I have often seen them at the regular Sneinton Vegan market in Nottingham, and places such as the Nottingham Green festival

You can check them out to see where they may be and to contact them on their Facebook Page and Instagram Profile

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