Beef Brisket Noodle Soup at Yang’s

Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice in Nottingham might well be known for it’s signature dish ‘Braised Chicken Rice’ but they do also offer Soup Noodles on the menu.

Now most of you well know that I am a total sucker for a bowl of noodles so it will be no surprise that I am back upstairs on Market Street at Yangs to check them out.


I was really very happy when the buzzer sounded off and I collected my bowl of noodle soup from the open hatch. Firstly it was a big bowl and secondly just by looking at the contents I knew it was going to be a great meal.

The braised beef was soft and unctious, sure it was a bit fatty but I really love my beef like that. It was piled up on one third of the bowl and was a very generous portion.

The broth was nice and meaty too, a mixture of the braising liquid and the classic house chicken stock. Wilted bok choi leaves floated around on the top together with a scattering of chopped scallion and cilantro (spring onion and coriander leaf)

Beneath it all the bowl was laden with soft strands of thin noodles, all very cooked well with a little bit of a bite left. I really enjoyed fishing them out with my chopsticks and just for once I was a master with the sticks and I was working the bowl like a demon.

I really will be back for another bowl of these noodles, the people are really nice here and they clearly know what they are doing. I do love an authentic offering and this is one place to come in town if you want the real deal for sure.

As you know I had the Braised Beef Noodle soup for £8.50, there was a choice of noodles types, I ordered the original but you could have had a spinach noodle (apparently). The menu also offered choices for more and less spicy but I just took what you got.

I was introducing the Mother to Yang’s and while she was tempted to try the noodles she was just as keen to check out their Signature dish so she chose a bowl of the Braised Chicken and Rice for £9


I wrote about this particular dish when they opened and I visited in October (read more here) but I had to include another mention today just because of how good this dish looks and eats too.

I was very happy with my bowlful on that visit, and I was also quite jealous of the bowl that arrived on the tray to our table today as well.

For your £9 you really do get a lot of braised chicken thigh which comes on the bone so you get even more flavour in the broth. The liquid broth is much more deeper in depth of flavour with this dish, very rich and very very moreish.

You collect your own bowl of rice from the steamer by the hatch so you can have as much as you can pile in. I did see someone go back for more from the table next to us, but I think they worked there so guess they can do what they like 🙂

It is a very hearty portion so I assure you that you will leave feeling satisfied, the only problem I have is that both dishes are so easy to eat you don’t know you are full until later when you try to eat again lol.

Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice is located at 21A Market Street in Nottingham, NG1 6HX above Hui Lau Shan.

They are a franchise established in 2011 by Xiao Lu Yang that has since opened in over 6000 locations across the world (apparently) mostly in China but also in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and Australia, and the States.

Apart from the obvious branding you would be forgiven for thinking that this was just a one off or perhaps just one of a few places.

It feels more homely and welcoming than most chains when you speak with the owner and manager.

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  1. JC says:

    Hey I live in Nottingham and I like your food posts. You’re always introducing new places.

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Thanks I am glad you enjoy them 👍

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