Phat Buns in Radford

Phat Buns have recently opened up a branch in Radford on Hartley Road in Nottingham to add to several other outlets across the midlands in Leicester, Loughborough, and Birmingham

They have a mission statement “To be the innovators in the business of selling Burgers, Shakes, Wings & Hot Dogs”

It was the promise of a Smash Style Burger and an instagram tagline #SMASHMYPATTY that had me knocking on their door or rather ordering for someone to bring one to my door.


I ordered very simply by just getting their basic burger the Phat Classic one of their most popular combinations (apparently).

The menu listed this as ‘Seeded Brioche, 4oz Angus Meat, American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Gherkins and a choice of your sauce‘ it came with a side of tater tots or fries for £8.95

I liked the smashed burger patty inside my seeded bun, it was crisped at the edges, seasoned nicely, juicy and well cooked with a good meaty and beefy taste.

The other toppings added to the experience and did not get in the way, just the right amount of lettuce and sliced tomato plus a good layer of melted American cheese to top it off with.

I picked the house sauce which was not a bad burger sauce, I might have been better off with ketchup, mayo and mustard all added separately but that wasn’t an option you only get one choice

I was actually quite impressed not just at the tastiness of the burger but also with how well it had travelled by bike from the restaurant to my house. More often than not the pictures on line bear no resemblance to the reality when you get a squashed up burger with everything mushed in foil.

This one from Phat Buns looked really good when unwrapped and it was all perfectly intact and looked better that the picture to be fair.


I had my burger with a side of the tater tots and for once I really liked them, I actually preferred them to a side of fries, and just in case I had any FOMO there were a few random fries in my pack as well 🙂


Phat Buns also do breakfast all day and the pictures reminded me of those offered up by McDonalds. I do love a cheeky McD sausage and egg McMuffin so I was intrigued to see how the ones from Phat Buns stacked up.

So they look similar, eat the same way, have that nice floury muffin top, oozy melty cheese. The eggs in the ring and the sausage burger patty are the same visually and texturally.

Sadly though for me the taste of the sausage is not the same. Now why should it be? you might ask and you would be right! It was too hard not to draw the obvious comparisons, for me I would not choose this one over the other or get excited about having another one that’s all.

That doesn’t mean that the All Day Breakfast story stops here, oh no I was going back in for more 🙂


On the delivery site they had what seemed to be the ultimate brekkie option offering up the Breakfast Stack which was an English Muffin filled with ‘egg, 2 oz beef sausage, cheese, turkey ham, potato tots, & house sauce’

It sounded good and looked good in the picture so I ordered one the next day just for research purposes not through any sense of gluttony


Well to be fair to the eating, this bigger and more packed breakfast sandwich was a lot more enjoyable. I liked the addition of the turkey ham and it seemed to have a lot more flavour and ate much better.

Sadly it was all a bit squished up in the wrapper so I couldn’t really see all the layers. Maybe I should have stuck to my first order as I feel I may have burst the breakfast sandwich bubble of hope now.


While I didn’t mind the breakfast options I think I will be sticking to the burgers from now on if I am ordering. I would quite like to eat in and while I am not sure if there is any dining room in the Nottingham branch, I am sure that I saw seating in the Loughborough branch so I might try that spot out if not.

Smash Burger wise I found their burgers to be pretty good and I would not turn my nose up at one if offered on a plate, and I would happily go out of my way to buy and eat another one.

Located at 84 Hartley Road, Nottingham, NG7 3AF you can check Phat Buns out online , on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed, and on their Instagram Profile

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