Cods Scallops in Wollaton

The Cod’s Scallops in Wollaton is the groups original restaurant and also the one that won the award of Best Fish and Chip shop in the UK in 2020

I last wrote about this place in 2013 (read more here) and I really cannot believe how time has flown past since in the chippy world.

Since then three other branches have opened in Carrington, Long Eaton, and further afield in Harbourne. A fifth is about to open in Wilford soon just along the road from my apartment.

Tonight we were back in taking advantage (once again) of their 50% offer that was extended through February. It seems great value getting a large cod, chips, mushy peas with bread and butter plus a cup of tea for just £9.75 and on the face of it that is a great price.

Normally I would have large Cod and Chips (or Haddock) for £12.50 (£12) with mushy peas (£2) and a tea for £2.75 so forgetting that bread and butter I just saved myself £7.50 Kerching!


OK so lets address the thought that a shark or summat took a bite out of my piece of fish! I thought it was strange when it arrived until I realised that it was just the flaky bits of the batter that was missing and I suspect this was just the bit where they grabbed it from the fryer.

My large Cod was a rather slim looking yet thick piece of fish, at least a few inches wide and surprising bigger than it looks in the photo

Across the table from me my Mother my dining companion for the evening had a more regular looking bit of fish but actually it was a flatter and thinner fillet than mine. Probably the same amount of fish but I do think that if you are serving the same meal to the same table you should at least make the meals look the same. Good job the judging panel wasn’t in tonight (or were they lol)

You certainly get a good feed here for your money and it is all of top top quality. Having eaten in several of their outlets I do like that it is very consistent. It was only a week or so again that we ate at the Carringtons restauarant and after just one bite tonight I could tell it was all cooked the same way.

Great batter, golden and crisp, super juicy succulent white flakes of fish lying inside. Fantastic from end to end and basically perfection on a plate.

Chips plentiful and decent, today not my favorite part of the meal but they were certainly a cut above many, perhaps I was not hungry enough to devour them with gusto.

Mushy peas excellent, ‘thick, creamy and green’ would be the best description and essentially would be everything that you expect as well.

For the record I did eat my thick buttered slice of bread, even though I had little spare room in my belly, and yes it was a nice bit of bread too. Totally unnecessary but appreciated nonetheless

It was good to come back to the home of the Cod’s Scallops in Wollaton tonight. I find that it is a much cosier restaurant than the one in Carrington, more compact and you feel more secluded some how tucked away on the bench like tables.

The staff are great here as well, our servers both really chatty when you want to talk, yet still leaving you with peace and space to scoff your dinner.

The Cod’s Scallops in Wollaton is located at 170 Bramcote Lane, Wollaton, Nottingham, NG82QP

You can check them out on their website, on their Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Instagram Profile as well

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