The Cod’s Scallops in West Bridgford

The Cod’s Scallops opened their latest restaurant on Wilford Lane in West Bridgford back in April. It is the sixth location for this much lauded small chain of chip shops one of which won the National Fish and Chip Shop of the year awards back in 2020.

I have enjoyed eating at both the Sherwood and Wollaton locations on numerous occasions so I had been very happy to hear that this new branch was opening only 10 minutes away from my home in West Bridgford.

We came in to try them on opening day which maybe was too early and have since had some takeaway meals which being so close is practically like getting it fresh from the fryer anyway.

This week we were back in for a takeaway, sun was shining, bunting was up for the Platinum Jubilee, we were hungry for Fish and Chips so I kind of had a feeling it was going to be a good day.

We checked out the menu at the takeout counter and with very little debate ordered the usual Cod, Chips and Mushy Peas, and Haddock, Chip and Mushy Peas


I had the Large Cod, which has become my default order these days, with Chips and a pot of mushy peas for £13.60. I was very happy with the size of the portion in my takeout box, the fish filled the width of the box and the rest of the ‘shoe box’ was filled with chips. If the pot of peas had not been in there I suspect that there would have been even more packed in.

Quality wise the fish was perfect, golden crunchy batter, sweet and juicy inside. I enjoyed every mouthful from end to end. The chips were plentiful and golden, perhaps a little crisp on the outside but there was plenty of fluffy potato inside.

I do like the mushy peas they are nice and creamy but my one disappointment is the size of the pot for the money. Having said that I read these days how much more costly they have become so perhaps this is a sign of the times


We also had a Haddock with medium chips and mushy peas for £12.60, my Mum didn’t really want as many chips but the smallest portion was medium for £3. To be fair they did try to put less in the box but it was still a lot. For the record she did eat them all! The Haddock like the Cod was excellent and they seemed to be on top form in the kitchen 🙂


We did come in on opening day which was kind of a buzz just to be one of the first to check them out. I had the Large Cod, Chips and Mushy peas on that occasion, the large cod being indeed large, the plate seems small in the picture as the fish draped over each end. I am not sure if it was an optical illusion or not but I felt that I got more chips in my takeaway than I did eating in.

I do like eating in as it is more of an event, but really the fish and chips from the takeaway counter is just as good and a little less expensive.

I am tempted to dine in again and not have battered fish and chips, but instead have one of the other options like Cornish Sole or Monkfish with potato salad and samphire just to try something different


What I do like about dining in is that they do offer a smaller fish if you choose Cod, for some reason they don’t have that on the takeout menu where it is just Large as an option. I suppose that you could order the kids or ‘little tiddlers’ option of ‘mini cod & chips’ for £6 after all who would know 🙂

As smaller meals go the mini or small cod does seems to be quite large and it takes up a lot of the plate. Strangely you get it on a round plate so it was hard to compare with the Large Cod, again though you seemed to get a lot less chips than with the takeaway.

Now that they have been open for a while it might be interesting to come back and dine in again as they must be more settled now and I expect a little more organised and smooth.

I do really like the food from The Cods Scallops, my favourite of their local restaurants in the one at Sherwood as it feels more spacious. I like the location of the one in Bridgford but it’s a bit smaller so less roomy inside, it is much easier for takeaways though for me at least so a good option

It does feel expensive even for a takeaway, but then prices are going up everywhere so it’s hard to judge fairly. I do really like the food so will keep coming just as an occasion, . It definitely feels like more of a treat than something to get every week. I will be back though as the battered fish is so hard to resist 🙂

Located at Unit 2A Wilford Lane Retail Park, Nottingham, NG2 7BS the West Bridgford Branch is closer to Wilford and Compton Acres than the centre of West Bridgford.

You can park on the retail estate, and for public transport the 1,3,4 buses stop just outside by the ROKO gym and the Wilford Lane Tram stop is but a 2-3 minute walk away, perhaps 5 mins if you have to wait for the crossing lights to change

Check out the Cods Scallops on their Facebook page, Twitter Feed, and Instagram profile for offers and deals.

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