Boo Burger in Nottingham

Boo Burger is the latest addition to the Smash burger scene in Nottingham having just recently opened up on Trinity Square taking over the space formerly occupied by Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

I do love a burger and have a particular fondness for those of the smashed variety so I could not resist popping into town to pay them a visit.

Interior wise Boo Burger was a lot better looking than the previous gourmet burger spot had been, maybe it looked a bit industrial but feels cleaner and brighter some how with the basic black and white colour theme

Inside there does not seem to be a counter instead you order from the touchscreens selecting to dine in or take out and then you just take a seat until it’s ready (you get one of those buzzers)

It was pretty straightforward and a lot easier to navigate than some other fast food outlets. There were people on hand to help out as well which was welcomed when there is no human behind the counter to interact with. You can also type in any discount codes like you get with the delivery websites. Today on the screen as it was opening week there was a code for 10% off, I think on opening day it was 30% so worth paying attention when you order 🙂


I did like that the screens at Boo Burger gave a nice clear picture of each burger and you could customize both the size and the contents of each one. Standard offering was a 4oz burger which was 2 patties each of 2oz, and if you wanted an extra patty it was a quid more.

We had the OG classic which was listed on the menu as being a ‘Angus beef, White Onion, American Cheese, House Sauce, Ketchup, French’s Mustard, Brioche Bun‘ for £5.50. We took the option to upgrade with an extra patty so it was £6.50


Reality bites a little visually once you get your hands on the actual burger. The main reason being that they wrap each burger up in foil so it all gets a bit squashed together. Personally if I am eating in I would prefer not to have my burger wrapping up just give it to me on some sort of plate.

Flavour wise this burger really is all about the mix of the mustard and the ketchup, a combination that I actually do like and cherish, but I reckon the French’s yellow mustard hit may be a bit strong for some.

It was a good idea having the extra patty with this OG Classic combination, especially if you like a smash style burger as now it is all about the meat .

The burger bun was just about solid enough to take all the filling in this burger but the bottom layer could have been a bit thicker as it was starting to fall apart a bit as you ate.


I went all in ordering the BIG BOO as part of a meal deal, I just had the 4oz burger for £7.50, adding fries and a drink took it to £11. Not as expensive as 5 Guys in the square, but not the cheapest burger meal on the block either.

The Big Boo was listed as ‘Angus Beef, Smoked Beef Rashers, Crispy Onion Strings, Round Leaf Lettuce, Tomatoes, Gherkins, American cheese, House Sauce, Brioche Bun’

Just like the first burger, the visual on this once unwrapped was a long way from the promo picture. The bun felt a bit overfilled with the crispy onion strings and the actual burgers were getting a bit lost .

In reflection I should have ordered an extra patty to balance the ratio of meat to toppings

I did however like everything in this Big Boo burger, the combination of ketchup, american cheese, and house sauce was totally classic and like meeting a familiar friend at burger land.

The bountiful crispy onion strings were a nice addition, they would make a good side dish as well.

I was most taken with the Crisp and crunchy Smoked Beef rashers, they were a little different to the standard crispy bacon strips you often get in your burger, a quite welcome change I would say.

It did feel a little unwieldy and was close to falling apart in my hands, but despite appearances to the contrary it did remain intact long enough to be eaten without much issue.


To go with my meal deal I had a side of the Ziggy fries which were described as ‘extra crunchy crinkle cut‘. I do love a crinkly fry and to be honest seeing them on the menu before I came here was another driver to bring me through the door.

They were very crunchy, perhaps a bit dry and would certainly benefit from a dip or a douse of vinegar. Somehow I made a mistake on the touch screen order as I missed that option, my bad.

All in all, despite the squashed appearance of our burgers, I quite liked the food from Boo Burger. The combinations and flavours did feel a little different from the basic standard offerings of some other outlets.

I could be tempted back to try their breakfast menu where they describe an Egg and Sausage sandwich in a brioche bun filled with ‘Free Range Egg, Kielbasa Sausage, American Cheese, Maple Sriracha Mayo‘ for £4 and an Egg & Beef Rashers sandwich which is the same just with beef rashers instead of the sausage patty. That sounds like a bit of me for sure!

This particular branch is located at 10 Trinity Square, Nottingham, NH1 4AF (others at Leicester Fosse Park, Leicester City, and Loughborough)

Check them out on their Facebook page and Instagram profile

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  1. If only I was allowed to eat . . .

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      It’s just a bit of food

      1. That’s the sort of thinking that ended with me having to buy my trousers from special shops. 🙂

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