All Day Breakfast at Fox cafe

The Fox Cafe on Pelham Street in Nottingham is well known for providing excellent quality plates of food. The gourmet sandwiches and panini are particularly good and the Boards always look tempting.

I arrived about 11 in that mid morning void when you wonder if you can hold out for lunch or need some sort of breakfast intervention. Spoiler alert I needed divine breakfast inspiration badly


We briefly perused the All Day Breakfast & Brunch menu out of politeness more than anything else, before inevitably ordering the biggest breakfast that they had available for scoffing.

That was the Foxy Breakfast listed on the menu as being ‘Sausage, Bacon, Scrambled Egg, Hash Browns, Beans, Vine Tomatoes, Mushrooms & Toast‘ for £10.95

Even though this was called ‘The Foxy Breakfast’, I just asked for ‘the all day breakfast’ as I couldn’t bring myself to ask for a ‘Foxy’ one without smirking.


The Foxy breakfast was certainly a decent plateful of food, it was laid out so neatly on the plate that you didn’t really appreciate the quantity of food on offer and the vastness of the plate until you started to tuck in.

Presentation wise it was a cut above the traditional cafe or greasy spoon, and I would have expected nothing less from the Fox Cafe. I do fear that sometimes when push comes to shove a ‘posher’ breakfast plate can be ‘all fur coat and no knickers’

This one can only be judged by the eating although rest assured I have noticed with some fake horror those two green leaves lurking on the plate 🙂


It was really nice having scrambled eggs for a change, the ones here at Fox Cafe were smooth, creamy and well seasoned. Based on the ‘yellowness’ I will go out on a limb suggesting that they have used some decent eggs to make them.

The meaty bacon was well cooked and the fat was nicely crisped. I was happy getting two slices since it hadn’t been specified on the menu. It seemed to be a decent slice of bacon as well with good flavour

If I am honest I wasn’t blown away by the sausage, I was expecting something a little more gourmet from the Fox Cafe. It was at least seared well so that it had a crisp skin, but the texture inside was somewhat lacking for me.


I really did appreciate the charms of the roasted vine tomatoes, they are always sweet and juicy and give a lovely burst of flavour when popped in the mouth. When I am served a delight like these I just wonder why people think it is acceptable to put tinned tomatoes on their breakfast plates? Each to their own I suppose.

The hash browns and mushrooms were cooked properly and added a bit of variety to the plate, the beans as always just something to dip my toast into. They have their place at the breakfast party I suppose and these ones did seem to be a level above economy so were enjoyed today.

All in all a very substantial and filling plate of breakfast. Slightly posher in looks than many of my normal breakfasts but as I alluded up top I would expect nothing less from a place like the Fox cafe who certainly make the effort presentation wise and do serve up excellent food.


Just for the record the breakfast menu has a lot more than your traditional all day breakfast fry up

I would think that the the ‘Scrambled Egg & Smoked Salmon on a Toasted Bagel’ would be delicious and that you could not go far wrong with a Breakfast Panini.

Personally I would probably stick with the Foxy Breakfast though as it was about the same price as scrambled egg & bacon on toast so I would order the most breakfast that I could get for the money 🙂

The Fox Cafe is located at 9 Pelham Street, Nottingham NG1 2EH only a short walk away from the Council House and the Old Market Square.

The cafe is always really popular and more often than not there is a queue of people waiting to get in which hopefully tells you all something.

You can check them out on their Facebook page and Instagram Profile or do it the old fashioned way and walk it to eat some food and grab a coffee.

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