Mutton Curry at Bite Me Bunz in Colwick Industrial Estate

Bite Me Bunz located on Colwick Industrial Estate are a very welcoming cafe housed out of a trailer just off Mile End Road.

We were visiting on recommendation from members of a local rambling group who pass by the cafe on one of their walking routes between Netherfield Lagoons and Colwick Park.


Checking out the menu at Bite me Bunz in Colwick we could see Breakfasts, Cobs, Jacket spuds and burgers as you might expect.

On another day I might have been partaking one of their large breakfast trays for £6.50 if I was hungry or more likely a Bacon & Egg cob for £3.20 or a Roast Pork Cob for £4

But today we were here for their locally legendary Mutton Curry which we had heard a whisper about over the weekend

It was the last thing on the menu board but the first thing that we were looking for


As we were going to sit and eat at one of the picnic tables outside the trailer they served our curry up on a proper plate instead of a takeout box and I thought that was a nice touch.

I was really surprised just how large the portion of Curry and Rice was, generous in the extreme.

There really was a lot of chunks of soft and tender beef inside a thick lightly spiced gravy.

At first it did not seem that spicy but slowly as you work your way through the dish that chilli heat builds up to give a nice tingle in your mouth.

The Mutton Curry was served alongside a rather decent rice and peas which also had that lovely gentle spice and the softness from cooking in coconut milk

We were advised to take it with a side of home made coleslaw on the understanding that it would cut through the richness and balance out the spice heat.

Jury was out for me on that as I am not a coleslaw fan. It was a nice slaw quite creamy and not as acidic as many, but it didn’t feel right to my mind being served with curry. On the flipside me Mam liked it and thought that it was a really good idea, so what do I know? 🙂

I really liked the Mutton Curry at Bite Me Bunz, it was a really bonus surprise getting one so good. It should not have been so unexpected though as talking to the lady who ran the van she told us that the recipes came from the family with roots in Trinidad.

We also heard a story that a rival business seeing how popular it was had tried to replicate it to serve at their own establishment but had failed to make one as good. Lesson to be learned there 🙂

I would certainly come back for another Curry but I also fancy just going old school and getting a breakfast box hoping that I can have it on a proper plate just like today’s curry

To find Cafe Bite Me Bunz, head into the estate and as you get to the point where Mile End Rd joins Rd No 2 you will see the signs into the yard (where all the pallets are stacked up)

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