Noodles and Dumplings at Kofuku House

Kofuku House down the bottom of Hockley is the latest Asian cafe to hit the streets of Nottingham. Run by owners Yammie Ng and Adrian Ning who plan to specialize in the traditional foods from Hong Kong keeping it as authentic as possible.

I read that they ‘strongly recommend the beef brisket noodles’ which was music to my ears as that is a dish that I particularly love and cherish. So I made a plan to come along over the weekend to grab a bowl and to see what else they had on offer.


As expected the Beef Brisket Noodles were one of the Chef Specials listed in the menu and today it was going to be a bowl of those for sure but another day maybe one of the other specials like the Noodle with Satay Beef sauce and the Hong Kong Style Toast.

The noodle options were thin noodle, thick egg noodle, rice noodle or instance noodle, which I think was instant noodle. Not that it matters as I chose the thick egg noodle hoping that they were going to be easier to grab with my chopsticks


The Beef Brisket noodles were presented very simply in the bowl with a pile of large beef chunks perched on top of a nest of thick egg noodles.

To one side a big chunk of Daikon Radish sat poking out of the light meaty beef broth like a submerged iceberg. A scattering of chopped scallions and coriander as a garnish topped off the dish.

I quite liked the radish, even though I did not know what it was at first (I had to ask 🙂 It was kind of like a big potato only a bit more sweet and a bit more solid to bite.

The broth was meaty, slightly sweet and free from excessive debris so that you could slurp it up without fear and with as much gusto as you could muster.

The beef was tender and well flavoured, perhaps it could have been cut a little smaller and once I had broken it up into smaller pieces there was enough to last the meal as I alternated between scoops of noodles and meat.

I really enjoyed the deceptively large bowlful, the meat, noodles and broth were all very tasty.


Once I saw that they had dumplings on the menu there was only ever going to be one winner so I ordered a side of the Chicken Dumplings for £4.50.

There was a momentary pause as I pondered also getting a side of the Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken but I figured I could save that for another visit.


I had expected to eat my dumplings as a bit of a starter but in the end they arrived quite some time after I had finished eating the noodles. I didn’t really mind as I could not have eaten them both at the same time, it was just at odds with what my brain thought was going to happen.

They were really good dumplings, almost potsticker in preparation and presentation. They were slightly crisp where they had caught the pan, and slightly soft and chewy were they had hit the steam. The chicken mince filling was crumbly and well flavoured with some chopped up greens.

For your £4.50 you received 6 of these little beauties, to be honest they were so good I could have easily eaten another trayful. If you come with me here on another visit you need to get your own as I will not be sharing mine.

I really liked the food that I ate at Kofuku, I enjoyed the vibe and am curious to try more of the menu.

As I was paying I was asked if I was that Nottingham food blogger person, I confessed that I dabble and said I would be back and that I would be more adventurous next time

I was somewhat relieved when I found that they were looking at me as I was recognised as opposed to because I had broth dripping down my face and strands of noodles halfway down my chin as I tried to slurp them up with a total lack of decorum. 🙂

Kofuku are located at 23 Hockley Nottingham, NG1 1FH

Check out Kofuku on their Instagram profile where they show some nice pictures of the food

They also do Skewers

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