Excellent Neopolitan Style Pizza at Pizzamisu in Nottingham

Pizzamisu on High Pavement in Nottingham have garnished a reputation for slinging some of the best Neopolitan Pizza in the city.

I admit that I was very late to this party, I had read the hype but just hadn’t been sucked in enough to pay a visit until now. It turns out that has been my loss as I could have dined out here many times by now if I had kept up with the game

Anyhow, not a particularly surprising spoiler alert! We popped in last week to check them out and found some surprisingly excellent pizza pies.

This is what we ate 🙂


I like to try something different and was really pleased to find that half of the pizza menu was given up to the white pizza (ones without a tomato base).

I fell in love with this style of pizza back in Chicago in a former life at Spacca Napoli Pizzeria (read more here) so was really looking forward to getting my mouth around a slice here today.


I went a bit rogue deviating away from my usual meat feast type of pizza by ordering one of the BOSCAIOLA pizza ‘Fior di Latte, italian sausage, porcini funghi, truffle oil & parmesan’ for £12.95

It still had some meat on it just not ‘all the meats’! I have to say that you are lucky to be reading about a sensible choice as I was ‘this close’ to ordering the one topped with ‘Frankfurter and Chips


First impressions were that these pizzas are massive, far larger than I had expected. Eating wise they don’t slice your pizza up for you here either, instead they give you a knife and fork and leave you to your own devices which is apparently the proper way.

I found that the best method for me was to cut a slice and fold the pizza which I read is acceptable. It was also the only way to get the toppings to my mouth without them sliding off en route.

Flavour wise this is a good combination I loved the crumbled italian sausage meat, all the cheeses, and the heady rich mushroom taste. I wasn’t convinced by the truffle oil it was almost overpowering but maybe that is because it is a taste that I am not that used to. It all was a little bit too grown up for my palate. I say that in a good way and as a compliment to the pizza.


The second pizza that we ordered was one of the VEGGIE pizza officially ‘Fior di Latte, mushrooms, peppers, courgettes, onions & olive oil‘ for £12.95.

There was an option to get this pizza with a tomato base which Alison took advantage of. We liked that they offered the flexibility to make the change without any hassles.

photo credit Alison (better camera phone than me)

From my side of the table it was hard to get a good view of the VEGGIE pizza, but from Alison’s viewpoint it was looking like a banging effort.

Personally I would not be getting even mildly excited about a vegetarian pizza, just slip me a little bit of ham or bacon to keep me interested is what I would be thinking if I ordered one.

I concede that this one here at Pizzamisu really did look good, the vegetables looked fresh and tempting. I do worry that there will be too much liquid and that the crust at the centre of the pizza would get soggy but hey when you are using a knife and fork it doesn’t matter

The courgettes and peppers were still a bit crunchy ( perfect), there were plenty of mushrooms, lots of cheese and a nice tomato sauce as the base. The fresh basil leaves scattered across the top were a nice touch

It was judged to be excellent, a bit too large, but still a really good vegetarian pizza!

Before I visited I had the idea that Pizzamisu was just a small pop-up with just a few seats out the back. I was so wrong, this is a big operation and there were a lot of seats inside and the place was rammed with no empty spaces.

I really loved the way that the pizza was cooked with lots of topping and a really good chewy crust. Next time (and there will be a next time) I will choose a different combination most probably going back to my pizza roots with as many different meats as possible on top

I would recommend booking, we didn’t, and while they did slip us in on a table in between bookings, knowing that we had to vacate by a certain time made it feel a bit rushed and we were very much in and out as fast as could be. So for more relaxed time get a table sorted before you arrive I reckon! 🙂

Pizzamisu are located at 9 High Pavement in Nottingham, NG1 1HF and are opposite to the Pitcher & Piano pub (if that helps)

You can check them out on their Facebook Page and on their Instagram profile

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  1. “a bit too large”?! Has the world gone mad?

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Trust you to pick up on that bit Simon 🤣🤣

      1. What can I say? I’m a detail man.

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