Krusty Burgers at The Blind Rabbit

The Blind Rabbit at Weekday Cross in Nottingham is described as “a good old-fashioned neighbourhood bar that serves delicious cocktails, cold beers & tasty food.

The blurb on their website tells us “The creative team behind Das Kino, The Magic Garden & Penny Lane, bring you a New York inspired Bar & Grill, serving unique cocktails & with a mission to deliver Nottingham’s best burger…”

Burger wise thats ‘fighting talk’ so obviously I could not let that pass and had to come in to check out a burger

We already have some heavyweight contenders for Nottingham’s Best Burger with Secret Burger Club, Bohn’s Best Burgers, and Porco, all award winners in their own right. So this was an interesting myfoodhunt adventure and I admit one with much scepticism attached

I picked my spot in the corner by the window away from the crowd of drinkers in the booths near the bar. It was entirely a choice based on the potential lighting opportunity from the adjacent windows.

I also liked the iconic subway signs which reminded me of ‘every tourist stall’ in Manhattan who sell these fake ass signs for the visitors. I didn’t ever buy one 🙂

I like the license plates as well I have a similar collection at home, somewhat sadly I had a phase of buying from from every state that I have visited.

Anyway we digress badly and need to get back to talking about a burger


So there was a long list of burgers on offer at The Blind Rabbit, everyone of which has a themed name of some sort like ‘Ross from Friends‘, ‘Baby Yoda‘, ‘Krusty Burger‘ and ‘Stranger Things‘ .

I couldn’t really make any sense of what the names had to do with the content of each of the burgers but I suppose that they cater for a particular crowd.

You could say that the names work as I did come here to try the Krusty Burger because I like the Simpsons. I was hoping that the ingredients would be of better quality than the version in that cartoon 🙂

Each burger comes with a choice of potato side, which were skinny fries, curly fries, or lattice fries. I didn’t really care, I was just here for a burger so I went all random and chose curly


The Krusty Burger is very simple in construction made up of ‘Double Beef Patty, Cheese, Pickles, Ketchup and Mustard‘.

As it arrived to my table I was loving that the sauces were oozing out of the bun and dripping across the meat patty.

I did look around though for more napkins as the one that was provided was never going to be enough to deal with this messy beast

I apologize for the slight blurriness of the close up on this burger, but I am unapologetic about the few words I may add to this post as I eulogize about just how tasty and flavorful it was.

As burgers combinations go this baby has a classic flavour profile which was just perfect alongside a couple of juicy smashed burger patties

The tang from the mustard and the ketchup had the juices flowing in my mouth. The molten cheese lain across each patty was velvety and rich, and the meat melted in my mouth as I chewed slowly through the burger

Lets be clear this is a really good burger and I admit that my skeptic thoughts have been truly countered from this encounter


I did take a nice photograph of the ‘curly fries’ so you may enjoy the look of these bendy looking potato snacks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder on this occasion as while they do look good they were a little disappointing.

Some were fresh, plump, and a joy to eat, but below the surface towards the bottom of the pot they were dry, old, crusty and just a bit sad. I only ate a few of the good ones

So thoughts on The Blind Rabbit,

I liked it well enough, my beer was cold, and I really did enjoy my Krusty Burger and would happily have another one or two of them.

It’s not like any neighborhood bar I have been to in the states but it is really nicely themed throughout and I can see the attraction. It is a bit like the tourist bars in New York though so they have got that part right

The Blind Rabbit is located at 9 Weekday Cross in Nottingham, NG1 2GB you can check them out on their Facebook Page and on their Instagram profile

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