Baba Dough Pizza in West Bridgford

Baba Dough on Radcliffe Road in West Bridgford are slinging out some pretty decent pizza for our delight. Located in the space formerly occupied by the Olive Cafe by Trent Bridge they are paying homage to their Dad and former owner of the Cafe who they know as Baba

I used to enjoy eating at his cafe over lunch as it was close to work and just a short walk from the river so I was a little sad to hear that it was closing down but then I was happy to find that they were opening up as a pizzeria and continuing the family legacy at this spot .

On the menu they describe their pizza as being made with ‘slow dough‘ explaining further to tell us that their dough ‘is fermented for 48 hours making it light and digestable‘ and ‘when we sell out we won’t have any more until the following day

I figured that I had better get my order in quickly as I didn’t want to miss out by any degree of pizza pontification. First off was a cheeky order of one of their Pepperoni Pizza’s


The Pepperoni Pizza was an excellent first choice to check out the pizza from Baba Dough.

It was simple and uncomplicated in toppings featuring just Pepperoni with Mozzarella and Tomato yet it was full of complex flavour as they all melded together really well to provide a great taste to each bite.

The crust and base was excellent, the toppings were generous as was the size of the pizza. I could have easily shared it but I didn’t I scoffed it all myself.

It was a great first taste of Baba Dough and it left me wanting even more so obviously I had to come back to get a couple more pizza.

On that second visit I was getting two pizza to share, going meat feastastic with the MEAT’EAD and full on veggie with the MISO-SHROOM


The MEAT’EAD was a full on meat feast of a pizza topped with lots of slices of Salami and Pepperoni, crispy Pancetta and the now staple flavourbed of mozzarella and tomato

Much as I loved the Pepperoni on it’s own, it was a really treat to add the big discs of Salami to the mix alongside the crispy slices of Pancetta.

One might say that there was too much salty meat on the pizza but not I! It was a perfect and harmonious blend and all balanced out nicely with the creamy mozzarella and the sweet tomato sauce.


The Miso-Shroom is topped with Miso-mushroom, spring green, mozzarella and tomato. Wehad gone the opposite way selecting this combination forgoing all the meats in exchange for what sounded like the tastiest veggie option.

Of course saying that really we had replaced the meat with fungi but lets not split any hairs over that.

In some ways were outside of our comfort zone but we were really hopeful that we had not strayed to far away. Happily we had not and we found ourselves chowing down on another excellent pizza.

As you might expect from the name this pizza is dominated flavour wise by the miso soaked mushrooms which was a really good thing.

Don’t worry though the cheese and tomato balance it all out nicely

As I already hinted the pizza at Baba Dough are more than big enough to share between two people but also not to big that you cannot scoff one all by yourself.

The second visit we did share but we shared two pizza and yes at the end we did have a few slices left over and could have saved them for later. For the record we didn’t but we could have lol

Baba Dough are located at 3 Radcliffe Road in West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5FF. They are just across the road from the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground and the TBI and not more than 5 minutes away from the River Trent.

You can check them out through their website and also on their Instagram Profile where they post plenty of picture of their delicious pizza

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