Sunday Roast Wrap at the Vat and Fiddle

It is almost the end of 2022 and I cannot let the year slip by without a mention on the blog for my trusted local pub the Vat and Fiddle. We come here a lot and if I wrote about every pint we supped and every morsel we ate here then the blog could easily be just the Vat and Fiddle show 😀😀😀

Today’s post is all about how disappointment turned into joy and a small degree of disgruntlement was eased by a pint and some tasty pub food

We had planned to have Sunday Lunch here at the Vat and Fiddle, something that for some reason I never have done. Probably as we tend to drink here Friday or Saturdays or on Footy match nights.


Anyway I wanted a Roast dinner, it was on the menu, but they were not doing one on this particular day and instead offered me the special of a Yorkie Wrap. I really wanted a Sunday Dinner 😥

I sulked briefly, moaned a lot to my mate, drank a couple more pints, was really hungry so caved in and ordered one.

The Special offer was a Yorkie Wrap filled with either ‘Beef, Pork, Chicken, or Veg Sausage‘ served ‘with stuffing, peas, roasties and gravy‘. It was £7.50 and I chose to have one with Beef.

I figured it was basically a Sunday lunch anyway and I could just pull it apart and eat it like one?


I was not prepared mentally for the behemoth of a sandwich wrap that appeared before me. I was momentarily overcome with a mix of joy and trepidation. It was like how much food did I just get for £7.50? Was it a mistake and they brought us a wrap each? How on earth am I going to eat all that? Pause for breath and then move in for the kill.

Early impressions were that I was very happy to see a freshly made Yorkshire pudding as a wrapper around my Roast Dinner. I wasn’t surprised though they serve excellent homemade proper food here at the Vat so I expected no less with my Yorkie!

I was very happy to see a great bit pot of gravy alongside the wrap, even one filled with peas for some random reason. I was going to need all that juicy sauce for dipping my pudding.


The wrap was rammed full of Sunday lunch goodness, slices of Roast Beef, whole Roast Potatoes, tasty stuffing, and even more peas and gravy had been rolled up inside.

It was almost too much to counter but also quite glorious as well, a sandwich wrap that was almost everlasting. The giant Yorkie had been cut into two pieces and I admit that one would have been sufficient. Did I eat both and all the peas and gravy? Hell ya of course I did.

In the end my disappointment at not getting my Sunday Lunch was long forgotten and forgiven. This wrap is one worthy of mention on the blog and one well worth ordering if you see it offered again at the Vat and Fiddle. I was stuffed, I was replete and I was one happy camper!


Maybe next year I will have a Sunday Lunch here but you never know what the day will bring and happily there is always a decent pint waiting for us to assist with whatever comes our way .

No doubt we will be eating, drinking and blogging all about it again next year 😎😍🤣

The Vat and Fiddle is located adjacent to the excellent Castle Rock Brewery and you can check them both out on their websites, and also the pub on their Facebook page, Twitter Feed, and Instagram profile.

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