Toll Bridge Sandwich Bar – Breakfast and Lunch spot by the River

The Toll Bridge Sandwich Bar by the River Trent has been a regular stop off for a cup of tea and a sandwich over the years when we have been taking a walk around the river.

It is located on the Meadows side of the bridge in the old Toll House building, the sign detailing the different costs or tolls to cross the bridge are still showing over the door.

The last time that I wrote about this place was back in 2014 when they were constructing the tram line across the river between the Meadows and Wilford. Today you can watch the tram roll on by on the line as you wait for your food.


They serve up all the usual cobs and sandwiches that you would hope to find from a classic cafe and over the years I have eaten a whole load of them, egg mayo, tuna salad, ham and cheese, and many many ones filled with roast meats and various breakfast items


One of the daily specials is their Hot Pork & Stuffing, they offer this in a cob for £3.50 or a baguette for £4. Believe or not this one pictured here was actually the Cob and yes it is massive.

The bread cob or roll is filled generously with slices of hot roast pork and stuffing, you can get a bit of crackling if you are lucky and apple sauce as well. I usually just get the meat and stuffing.

I like that the bread is always really fresh here and is nice and soft, no yesterdays bread on offer in this joint.

While I generally have the pork, they do offer other hot meat fillings and I have had turkey, beef and even lamb once.

Sometimes you can get gravy as well in your sandwich but to be honest I find that to be just a bit too messy to eat as I bimble along the embankment


Another regular special is the Turkey Club Toasted Sandwich which is also huge. I picture just one half of it here and this is a sandwich that you could easily share.

Once again the fillings are very generous with plenty of sliced turkey, slices of crispy bacon, lots of salad, lettuce, tomato and mayo plus some red onion if you so choose.

I like that they toast the bread properly and that they will mix and match the items in the stack if you want to omit anything .

For £5 this is a total steal and an absolute bargain. It is also a very decent club sandwich and much better than many you will be presented with in many pubs around town.


Since I was working my way through the specials board it seemed that it would be somewhat remiss if I wasn’t to sample the Italian Combo Baguette as well.

I suspected that this would also be huge and it was, so we shared this one in full knowledge that half of this beast was going to plenty for a lunchtime snack.

The Baguette is another great bit of bread action with a decent crust, soft and airy inside. The sandwich is filled with a selection of Italian meats, ham, prosciutto, salami, and pepperoni plus a really good mix of fresh salad items including cucumber, lettuce, red onion and tomato. A good dollop of mayo adds some lubrication.

It is a good sandwich and if I want a sub then I would be far happier paying £5 for one from the Toll Bridge cafe than from some well known generic chain in town


The breakfast section of the menu is laden with all those perfectly naughty cob options that we know we shouldn’t have every day but that we really do want every day. Give me a breakfast cob of any kind filled with sausage, egg and or bacon and I am going to be one very happy camper


The Sausage and Egg cob is not a thing of beauty to look at but it certainly is one that my tastebuds are very happy to meet whenever they get treated with one.

Everything is cooked on the flat-top grill here so you don’t expect to get the perfect instagram egg with soft white and golden yolk but do expect to get a really well cooked fried egg with a nice crispy edge and a runny yolk

The sausages perhaps on the cheaper side of the spectrum are crisp, meaty and plentiful and just as I like in my breakfast cobs. They are perfect in this sort of sandwich and with a dash of your favoured sauce you are winning breakfast


You can get any kind of combination, not just the ones that they list on the board and another favorite option I like to pick is one of sausage and mushroom.

This is a perfect walking sandwich as you don’t have to worry about yolk spillage as you bite in. You might have to worry about a bit of ketchup leakage but that is your look out if you had chosen to add sauce

The Toll Bridge Sandwich Bar is located at the toll Bridge, Victoria Embankment, Nottingham, NG2 2JY just a few 100 yards away from the Meadows Embankment Tram Stop.

They are open every weekday from 8 -2pm and from 9am on the weekend. That is the official times, I am sure I have seen them open earlier or later sometimes and I know that they have made me the odd sandwich after 2 if I just nipped in as I passed by

They are a very friendly bunch and if you want to sit outside on the few tables and chairs that they set out each day they will happily put your lunch on a plate for you

I come here a lot and always laugh at the picture of a breakfast on the sign and wonder what their breakfast would look like. They do offer a breakfast box and when I asked if they would put it on a plate if I brought one they said that they would plate it up for me no problem. So at some point in the near future look out for a Breakfast Post! 🤣

If you want to see more about the Bridge Sandwich Bar check out their Facebook page

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