Fireaway Pizza on Mansfield Road

Fireaway Pizza, a chain with outlets all over the country have recently opened in Nottingham. They first opened in 2016 in London ‘with the aim of bringing better pizza to the UK‘ describing themselves as ‘Authentic Italian fast fired – Pizza with an Innovative Twist’

Now they have over 120 branches across the country with shops nearby in Mansfield, Loughborough, Melton Mowbray, and Leicester. This particular one on Mansfield Road opened a few weeks ago in January.

A few weeks ago while on a pub crawl up Mansfield Road I had seen that they were open and that they had some seats inside to dine in so when passing on another beer bimble this week I suggested we should pause for some pizza sustenance.

Of course I made it look spontaneous but really it was pre-planned and as it happens it was a perfect stopping off point

The pizzas at Fireaway are cooked in one of those revolving ovens and apparently take 180 seconds to cook once in the oven. I quite enjoyed watching them shovel the pizza in and out of the oven as we waited.

They were really busy doing takeaway orders and I reckon a good dozen pizza came out fresh and hot into the awaiting take-out boxes, it was a well organised pizza hub.

They might have had a lot or orders in, but despite that I had my pizza in front of me within 5-10 minutes. Nice!


I had picked the MEATHEAD pizza from their classic range for £11.95 billed as Pepperoni, Chicken, and Turkey bacon on a tomato base topped with Mozzarella

This was the meatiest combination on offer and just what I crave on my pizza. Sure I might have liked a few more different meats but sometimes less is more and it’s best not to over complicate things.

I loved that there was a very generous amount of toppings, more meat than many places, the tomato sauce was fresh and tangy, the crust nicely charred, thin and crusty with a nice bite.

There was just enough to share although I could have easily scoffed the whole lot myself on a hungry day.

Me and my mate did reckon we should have got two but also agreed that if had eaten one each we might not have had much room left for the 5-6 pints were were planning to sup after 🤣

All in all I found Fireaway Pizza to be great value and a really quite decent addition to the pizza offerings in Nottingham at this price range.

I also liked that It didn’t feel like it was part of a chain at all. I would not have known if I hadn’t googled their website for more info while posting this blog. It felt very local and welcoming when we visited

I’ll be back again, quite possibly over lunchtime when they have a deal for £7.95 🥳🤔😎 or 50% off depending on which offer you spot.

Located at 109 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG1 3FG you can contact them by email at and for orders through their website and on the usual delivery platforms

Check them out also on their Facebook Page and Instagram Profile. They do seem to have a Twitter Feed too but it’s not been updated since 2017

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