Brunch at Bread & Lard Island

Bread & Lard Island is located on Trent Blvd one of the main thoroughfares in Lady Bay and seems to be very popular amongst the locals.

The cafe was busy when we visited and I felt slightly out of place sitting there in my walking gear amongst the ‘posh’ people all dressed up out for lunch until I remembered what the place was called

The naming of the cafe is in line with the idea that the people of the area could only afford to eat ‘Bread & Lard’ after they had spent all their money their expensive house. Another saying in the area is ‘all fur coat and no knickers‘ but perhaps that would be a step too far for a name for a cafe in these parts 🤣

This place is a lot posher than my normal greasy spoon cafe and I expected nothing less given its location and name. I was hoping that they might have snuck in a few more common breakfast and brunch items with fancier names or ingredients but the closest thing to a breakfast cob was the “Bacon & Fried Eggs on Focaccia” for £9.80

On another day I would have picked that but I saw one coming out the kitchen to the dining area and it looked pretty stacked with big slices of bread and I worried that the bread would’ve been too thick for a butty so instead I looked futher into the menu and ordered the dish featuring Eggs with Avocado. It mentioned eggs and toast so I figured I would be ok with that


The Avocado & Marmite on toast with soft eggs was a rather interesting bite. My thoughts were that it was a strange sounding combinations. I get the avo and eggs on the soughdough toast part as that seems to be a tried and tasted classic for some.

It was the marmite that was nagging in my mind as to whether it was going to work but you know what I have been eating marmite peatnut butter on my toast in the mornings and I don’t seem to have suffered too greatly in life so I was optimistic about what was to come.

The Soft avocado was light and fresh, I didn’t really notice the marmite too much which was a slight relief although I had prepared myself for a big yeasty flavour bomb 🤣

It was a nice bit of toasted sourdough, the eggs soft as promised perhaps the yolk could have been a little runnier.

I am not sure that it was keeping my interest all the way through to the end of the plate bit I was hungry while it was not my usual sort of brunch bite it was pretty tasty and filling so I was happy enough


The second dish we ordered was the Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese Quiche & Salad. This was a pretty easy choice and we knew we were on safe ground here.

The quiche was quite delicately flavoured, cheese wise it was slightly restrained, but it was a very well made slice, lovely soft texture with a nice baked pastry. That was probably a really hard balancing act as this particular local cheese can be quite powerful so someone was doing a bit of quality bakery out back in the kitchen

It was nice to get three different tasty salads alongside the quiche, a nice simple leaf and tomato one, a sort of lightly pickled effort, and a red cabbage like slaw

They probably all have proper names but I didn’t ask so described as looked and tasted 🤣

If you ditched the olives then this woudl be perfect, mind you they made that easy to do as they were well spead out on the plate and nowhere near the action so you could dismiss them with ease

This was a really nicely presented and tasty plate of food. Give me some chips or a jacket potato as well and I would have been a very happy man indeed.

I quite enjoyed taking brunch at Bread & Lard Island in Lady Bay, it was a bit more (ok a lot more) upmarket than my usual greasy spoon cafe but well worth a visit.

Price wise it was as expected perhaps slightly better, the Avocado and Eggs dish was £9.50 and the Quiche was also £9.50. To be fair most things on the menu were under ten quid and that is about standard for a decent cafe and good pricing in Lady Bay / West Bridgford

You can find them Located at 41 Trent Blvd, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 5BB on the corner with Woodland Road

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