Caribbean Food at Wavey Kitchen

Wavey Kitchen on Meadow Lane has recently opened and are serving some Excellent Caribbean Food action. The sign above the door says ‘Waves of Flavours’ and based on our visit and what we ate I have to say that is very true.

We popped our heads around the door last weekend looking to see if they had any snacks like a patty or maybe a jerk chicken wrap

The lady on the counter called us over asking if we had tasted Caribbean food before, we said we had and we loved it! She smiled happily as she opened up all the pots to talk us through what she had to offer us.

Curry Mutton, Lamp Chops, Prawn Curry, Seabass, Salmon, BBQ Chicken wings and more. It all looked so good and smelt so nice that the original plan of a small bite or snack was no more we were in for the whole deal and planning or ordering a couple of meals to eat it


We ordered a couple of different plates, planning to get a bit of everything we fancied. Then we could swap and share once the meals arrived

I ordered a plate of the Curry Mutton with a portion of Mac & Cheese, my companion in dine ordered the Lamb Chops with a side of Rice & Peas. Both plates were £10 as part of their Box 1 deal of ‘1 meat or seafood & 1 side’


I had the MUTTON CURRY with Mac n Cheese and a side of coleslaw and it looked fantastic when it arrived at the table. I loved that they had plated it up so nicely and not just served it to us in a plastic container. I felt that was a really nice touch and showed a bit of class.

I loved the combination of the mutton curry with the macaroni cheese, I do find that it is just as good with the rice but the cheesy Mac with some spicy curried meat was a great combo

The mutton curry was spicy enough for some gentle warmth but not too hot to overpower the flavours. The meat was on the bone but it was so tender that it just fell off as you ate. Any bits that were clinging on I just sucked off as I worked my way through the plate.

The dish also came with a small side of sweet coleslaw, this was the second time that I have been offered slaw with my curry mutton and I now can see why it is such a good companion to the meal. The sweetness cuts through some of the fattiness in the the gravy and just brings a little light cooling relief to the spice as well.

If am I back here again I will be having another portion of this curry without any doubt. It’s a winning dish. The only question is do I get Mac & Cheese or Rice & Peas? the answer clearly is both!


The second meal that we ordered was the LAMB CHOPS with Rice & Peas and a side salad. This also looked fantastic served up neatly on the plate. Such attention to detail had been so unexpected when we walked in through the door but so welcome and in keeping with the style of the place and the warmth from the people

I really liked the flavours of the lamb chops, they were slightly sweet and a bit sticky, not too much heat almost like a lightly spiced brown stew.

Again the meat was very tender and was falling off the bone easily. That was a really good thing as it made it much easier to mix into the rice to make a good forkful of food.

The Rice & Peas were very good, I could easily eat another bowl of that just on its own. Some places the rice is a bit clumpy but here it was cooked perfectly.

Now we had mixed up both plates after serving so we tasted a bit of it all and I loved every mouthful. Should it have all gone together? I don’t know and I really don’t care it was so good that it should anyway.

I am definately coming back again!


Wavey Kitchen at 356 Meadow Lane are serving up Caribbean Cuisine with a smile and a warm welcome

You can check them out on their Instagram Profile

I would definitely come back again and have my eyes on their 7 item breakfast for £5. I can see an early morning stroll coming along shortly 🤣

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  1. Suzanne futers says:

    Hi had a great meal. Thank you will be back soon

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