Smash-burgers at Onur Burger

Onur Burger on Alfreton Road appears at first sight to be just another halal takeaway joint but reading their website they appear to have loftier ambition and a calling

Our restaurant was inspired by the desire to let everyone in Nottingham try what they have always been missing out on, the ONUR patty. This secret recipe formulated with beef was passed down through generations, originating in a small village called Akkuzulu. Finding its way 2200.6 miles from its home, here in Nottingham. The first one in the entire UK.

We paired our unique ONUR Burger with an American-style menu, which is also Halal, that Nottingham has always been missing out on.”

Whatever the wordy or worthy prose on their about page I noted that they were offering smash style burgers on their menu (my favorite kind) so I felt the urge and the need to check them out.

I didn’t want to get too clever on my first visit so I opted for THE CHEESEBURGER described as ‘Double Smashed Angus Beef Patties served with Caramelised Onions, Lettuce, Cheese & Mayonanaise

There were other much bigger and complicated options on the menu but I always figure it is best to start with a classic combination and you can’t go too far wrong with a cheeseburger


Initial thoughts when it arrived was that it was proper, the two burger patties were pretty thin and you could spot the classic crumbly edges from the hot plate where it had been ‘smashed’ down onto the grill surface

I like the look of the sesame bun and was pleased that the burger was intact and not all squashed even though it had been wrapped up in foil


A closer inspection showed that it has been well constructed with plenty of meat inside the bun, not too big and not too small. The fresh lettuce correctly positioned on the lower bun to prevent it getting soggy from meat juices

The only problem was that I was struggling to find that much cheese. There was some but not loads and when I get a cheeseburger I want it to be an equal star to my burger like Michael Madsen did in Iggi Azalea’s Black Widow Video, “I want cheese, like lots of cheese, melted cheese, dripping off of it

Don’t get me wrong its a decent burger, very easy to eat, but flavour profile was more mayo and caramalised onion, than it was cheese.

All in all it was nice enough but I wanted the full on cheese experience without having to pay for extra cheese (apparently an option)


My mate had the handcut skin on frites as his side and to be fair he got a good sized portion. They certainly looked crispy and probably at least double fried as they had a lot of colour

I snagged a couple and they were pretty good, better than they looked, would have been nice with some ketchup or mayo but that was 95p extra. It would be nice to get some free condiments especially when you are eating in I reckon.


I went off piste selecting some cheesy goodness in the form of THE TRADITIONAL – ‘a Classic American Style Mac n’ Cheese.’ It was thick, it was gooey, and it was very very yellow.

Not everyone likes this sort of Macaroni Cheese with its fake ass sauce from a packet but I love it. It is that thick you know it is going to stick to your ribs. The only thing missing was a dollop of cheap ketchup that I could have stirred into the mix to add a bit more variety to the flavour.

It was a very large portion and I did struggle my way through it all, perhaps this was one to share with someone else who chose fries, of course assuming that they would let you, hum 🤣

I liked Onur Burger, OK so maybe my cheeseburger wasn’t cheesy enough but it was a tasty effort and I would be willing to give them another go next time I am up this way near Canning Circus

They do chicken burgers as well and some spicy Nashville style fried chicken too so maybe next time I will be more adventurous

I was amused that have gone a bit rogue on their menu with several combinations featuring crisps, and not just any crisps, no the sort of crisps that divide opinion anyway even neat straight from the packet.

They were offering toppings of Monster Munch, Cheetos, and Doritos, they don’t say which flavours but I suspect its going be one of the biggies, spicy and tangy!

I really hope that it is Pickled Onion flavour Monster Munch but I suspect it will be the more sensible meaty flavoured ones 😂


Onur Burger are located at 56 Alfreton Road in Nottingham, NG7 3NN they are pretty close to the Canning Circus and all the great pubs that lay around that area, so perfect for lining the stomach or grabbing a bite in between pints if that’s your thing

Check them out also on their Instagram profile and website

The Burger Menu is pretty exetensive and probably easier to read on their website but here is a copy anyway


It is no secret that I like a burger and I am not fussed where my burger come from, pubs, street food popups, burger vans, fairgrounds, restuarants and takeaways. I will take my chances with each and every type of vendor and almost always enjoy what I find.

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