Breakfast at Piginns on Carlton Hill

Piginns Cafe and Bar on Carlton Hill is the latest spot in town that I have found to take part in one of my favorite hobbies which is eating breakfast. While I do enjoy a fancy breakfast with ingredients of provenance sourced from the local farmshop, I am equally happy with a far more humble plateful perhaps found at the budget end of the market.

As soon as I walked into Pigins I knew I was going to like it, it isn’t fancy, no airs or graces, but it is more than a greasy spoon cafe, it seems local and place for the people.


We were straight at the breakfast section of the menu, looking at the ALL-DAY BREAKFAST

Now this wasn’t as straightforward I was expecting.

“2 bacon, 1 sausage, 1 egg, and hash brown” all as expected, but a waffle as well? ok I’ll roll with that. Mushrooms, yes, toast yes, beans or tomatoes or spaghetti… sorry did you say spaghetti? That was a first! I went beans, I am not crazy!

It came with a tea or coffee for £6.50 which I thought was excellent value, but then I went slightly mad splashing out an extra £1.25 for the Black Pudding.

I was also very happy to be asked if I wanted smoked or unsmoked bacon, another cafe first for me. Of Course I went smoked, there is no point otherwise 🤣


The plate arrived with beans in a bowl, I would say ramekin but it was practically a paddling pool. One and a half mushrooms seemed strange and the waffle (hidden under the hash brown) was looking decidely budget.

It looked a fair feast for £6.50 so there was unlikley to be many complaints from this side of the table whatever it all tasted like. Food is food and I was hungry!


I rearranged the plate so that it was at least following some of the breakfast rules, sausage dragged across to protect the egg, a bean barrier if you will as I poured them out onto the plate.

Highlights, the smoked bacon had really good flavour, way better than many places, the mushrooms while limited were juicy, the egg had some runny yolk left (could have been less done)

The sausage was catering level at it’s best, and possibly the least meaty I have had for sometime, the skin was crisped up and while it was a tube of woe I still loved it, that’s what I come to breakfast for

I didnt need the waffle as well as the hash brown but obviously I ate it. As I spooned my way through the beans putting them onto my toast (served on a side plate) I pondered if I should have gone all in and had the spaghetti instead? If nothing else it would have been a talking point.

The extra slice of black pudding tasted quite nice and had some nice flecks of fat in it, but sadly it was a bit too crispy on one side so lost a bit of charm.

Look though this only cost £6.50 with tea and toast, fabulous value, and filling to boot.

I haven’t got any real grumbles even though I did have mixed feelings about some of the items on the plate. It’s not the ritz and it is not trying to be so fair play they are doing well up here on the hill


Before we left I could not resist a peek at the main menu to see what other meals they do apart from breakfast. First off what great value, everything was priced at £7.50!

Straight away the Gammon and Chips caught my eye, they serve it here with egg AND pineapple, so you don’t have to make a choice like many places! peas and bread and butter too.

They also seem to like their Yorkshire puddings up here on the hill, Bangers & Mash, Cottage Pie, Cornbeef hash, Liver & Onions all come with a Yorkshire pudding. Even the ones that also come with chips! Well I never.

At least the Scampi, Fish & Chips, Chilli, Curry and Lasagne don’t have the Yorkie, although I bet if you asked you could get one 😎🤣

I really liked Piginns, it felt homely and real, everyone seemed to know everyone else, there was plenty of banter flying around and most importantly the place was busy!

Prices are good, food was filling, and the menu has all the classice that you hope for and expect from your traditional local cafe.

Piginns Cafe or Piginns Inn Cafe & Licensed Bar is Located at 340 Carlton Hill, Carlton, Nottingham NG4 1JD and you can check them out on their Facebook Page

Parking wise there is a local car park on Frederick Avenue where it is free for 2 hours but you have to remember to get a ticket

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