Pizza Triangle – Authentic Wood-Fired Neopolitan Pizza

Pizza Triangle just opened their doors in Notts last week serving their Neapolitan Style “Authentic Italian Wood-Fired Pizzas”

Located out of town close to the new Aldi store on the Teal Business park in Gedling. They can be found on Morado Way near the new Rivendell Estate just off the Colwick Loop Road (A612).

I had seen the posters and signs up in the window a few weeks back so was happy to see the lights on and the place open when we popped up to Aldi this weekend to do a big shop. I had an inkling that they were going to be open, so when I said ‘Oh looks like a new place” and suggested ‘Lunch?’ it was all part of a cunning plan to get a pizza.

On the Pizza Triangle menu flyer they talk the good talk telling us about their homemade tomato sauce made from Southern Italian tomatoes and that they import most of their pizza topping from Italy

They talk about their ‘unique recipe sourdough’ which ‘rises and rests at least 48 hours ‘ and that ‘yields unbelievably flavourful, soft and easily digestible pizza base’

The website goes further telling us

Our recipe here at Pizza Triangle dates back 45 years of the finest dough making on which we have built our trust on with our customers and we constantly aim to improve on for the better. The results speak for themselves as our pizzas are light, easy to digest, flavourful, soft but at the same time crunchy and of course much more healthier.

We make Sourdough only, which is made from the finest special type Italian Pizza Flour, left for a slow fermentation process, and rounded and hand stretched by the professional Pizzaiolo.”

All good things to hear or ‘good to know as they say’


When it comes to pizza I like mine topped with meat and the main options I could see were for a Pepperoni, and one with Proscuitto, today Pepperoni won

The pizza I probably should have picked was the Calabrese our homemade tomato sauce with Fior Di Latte Mozzarella, Spicy Salami & Spicy Nduja Spreadable sausage from Calabria, finished with fresh rocket leaves, one for spicy meat lovers‘ but I hadn’t read the menu properly and missed it! doh”


We decided to share the PEPPERONI pizza “our classic Margherita loaded with the chefs favourite pepperoni

They describe the classic margherita as ‘our homemade tomato sauce from south Italian tomatoes, fior di latte mozzarella, and olive oil’ so you get almost all of that with the addition of the pepperoni discs when you choose this topping combo. The only thing missing seemed to be the basil leaves

I had read that the pizza would take 90 seconds to cook in the oven, a similar claim I have heard elsewhere but rarely attained. Today happily it was fast and seemingly only took moments from the time we ordered to it arriving hot from the oven to our table.

We were the only ones in the place so maybe a different story when really busy.


The pizza was cut into 4 slices or great big Triangles 😎 Like most good Neopolitan style pizza it has a very thin base and is a little bit floppy.

You can pick it up by hand and with a little bit of folding action shovel it into your mouth to eat or you can be a grown up and use the knife and fork provided, either way the pizza police are not watching and no-one can judge whatever way you style it out.

My thoughts at the time were “Super soft chewy crust, perfect amount of cheese, sweet tomato sauce and some very tasty pepperoni slices

I really enjoyed the simplicity of this pizza from Pizza Triangle, there was no outrageous mix of ingredients, just the classic good stuff. I felt that the focus was on the quality of the toppings, the care of the cooking and a harmonious blend of flavours

Pizza Triangle is definitely a place I’ll be coming back to also a bit dangerous as it’s right next to an Aldi so I will be making many excuses to do a big shop along the lines of well it’s best to shop on a full stomach so we could just get a pizza first 🤣🤣

I also really need and want to try the Calabrese (Spicy Meat Lovers) pizza that I hadn’t spotted on the menu until after we ordered. School boy error but in my defence it was really hot and I was really hungry at the time

Pizza Triangle is located at 5 Morado Way, Teal Park, Nottingham NG14 5HZ they are part of a small chain and you can check them out on their website, Facebook page and Instagram profile

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