Bunk Dogs – Icelandic Beer Braised Hot Dogs

Bunk Dogs in Nottingham is located just off Bridlesmith Gate, down the hill on Pepper Street by Peppers Rocks.

I had seen the bright red neon sign in the distance as I was walking by and was drawn in by the possibility of a Hot Dog.

On the website and on the board attached to the Dog Shed I learned that they were selling Icelandic Style, Beer Soaked, Lamb Hot Dogs.

The Menu is very simple, they are selling these Lamb Hot Dogs with one (or all) of four toppings. Apparently the  Icelandic Style dog is called a ‘pylsar’ and is typically a sausage made up of a blend of pork, beef, and lamb usually braised in beer. Sounds alright so far

The board outside on the ‘Bunk’ wall listed that the options were ‘Raw white onions, Crispy Fried Onions, Sweet Mustard, and Remoulade’.

I learned that this is pretty much the traditional Icelandic way where they are usually topped with two types of onions, crispy fried and raw, plus a remoulade and either sweet brown mustard (called pylsusinnep) or yellow mustard.

I ended up ordering two of these dogs with a mixture of topping combinations. Mainly because I was curious and also because they were only £2.50 each 🙂

On the first of the Hot Dogs I went with a trio of toppings, choosing the sweet yellow mustard, the remoulade, and the chopped raw white onions. I kind of like that sweet and tangy hit of the raw white onion, it also adds a little bit of ‘heat’ to bite as well. I really liked the remoulade as well, I am not sure if their version is totally traditional but it was jolly nice. The  web tells me that the ‘remoulade’ is usually mayonaisse punched up with gherkins and capers. That sounds a little bit like a creamy tartare sauce I suppose.

On the second Dog I went with similar toppings, only this time I had the crunchy onions alongside the sweet yellow mustard and the remoulade. I kind of liked that a bit more, the extra texture from the crunchy onion flakes gave great contrast to the soft bun and meaty sausage. 

I suppose if I had know before I came here what the tradition was, then I would have had all four of the toppings on the same dog. If I come back again then I will definatley do that

The actual hot dog sausage is in itself quite a bit meaty bite. It has a really nice ‘snap’ to the bite and it is pretty good flavour. I think that my only slight issue with these babies was that I felt there was too much bread, I think it would benefit from a smaller hot dog bun.


Until I found this place I did not even know that Hot Dogs were a big thing in Iceland, but apparently they are big business over there.

It was good to find some to sample here in Nottingham. I do like a good hot dog and it was nice to try another style to add to the food memory

Bunk Dogs is located at 12 Pepper Street in Nottingham, NG1 2GH

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