Moulin Rouge – Fish and Chips on Trinity Square

The Moulin Rouge Restaurant on Trinity Square was an interesting and unplanned spot that I visited this week for a plate of Fish and Chips. It was a spur of the moment choice.

I really didn’t want to sit out on the street in the dark on a damp bench to scoff down my chips. So I was pretty happy to see tables at the back of Moulin Rouge as I peered in through the window. I took that as my cue to head on in to get myself some Fish and Chips Action 🙂

Moulin Rouge is both a takeaway and a restaurant, the ‘chip shop’ counter is at the front of the shop as you walk in, the night I popped in there was a decent line of punters picking up their mini-fish and chips, chip cobs, and the odd kebab.

Fish and Chips Menu

On the boards outside I got the feeling that I was going to get a great deal on my takeaway Fish and Chips, but the prices inside (as one might expect) were a little higher.

I knew that I wanted Fish and Chips, ideally I wanted some Haddock, but it transpired that they only do Cod here at The Moulin Rouge.

So that meant it was basically a choice about just how much I could eat on my plate. I asked the waitress how big the small, medium, and large fish were and she in turn used the classic ‘fisherman’s’ response to show me with the width of her hands as to how big a fish I was going to get for my hard earned cash.

In the end though I just let my belly and my greed decide and I ordered the “Large Fish and Chips” for £9

Fish and Chips

My first thoughts on the Large Fish and Chips that arrived on my table was that it indeed was a large piece of fish! I was almost slightly overwhelmed as I started to contemplate my fate on this plate. The Fish itself was hot, piping hot, it had been cooked to order and seemed to have jumped out of the fryer onto my dish.

There were plenty, if not too many chips as well. I like that they are proper chips and that I also got some of the ‘scratchings’ too, they are often the oyster of the chip shop chip tray 🙂 There was a big bowl, almost a soup bowl size, of mushy peas which I really was going to need to mop up the chips.

The Fish itself was a mixed affair, the batter coating was perfectly smooth and covered the fish beautifully. The fish inside was moist and juicy and of a decent thickness. The downside was that the batter was pretty greasy and not quite as I would like. I suspect that it just came straight from the fryer which was a good thing, but I contemplated that if I had ordered this to takeaway, then most of the fryer oil would have either soaked into the paper or dried away, and I might not have noticed.

You could not fault the portion size and the dining area inside was pleasant and welcoming just like the staff. It was good to find somewhere else to be able to eat my fish and chips inside. I am not sure that I would have the large fish again, to be honest I am more likely to slum it with a pukka pie before meeting my mate at the pub 🙂


Moulin Rouge is located at 5 Trinity Square, Nottingham, NG1 4AF

They have apparently been around since the 1940’s

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