Pizza Punks

Pizza Punks have opened up another one of their restaurants in Nottingham located right next to the Lace Market Tram Stop. Serving up so called anachic pizza they become another small chain to open in the city to add to the masses of pizza we have available to scoff

I took my chances to check them out taking advantage of a deal through their mailing list for a free pizza if you signed up, I think that they were giving a 1000 away to the first load of people who registered. We went down anyway ordered a couple of pizza and some cocktails to see what it was all about


There was an option to build your own pizza but I decided to check out one of their topping combinations from the Classics section of the menu as you would like to think that these are all tried and tested in the field and so hopefully are all banging options.

It would have been too easy to choose the PEPPERONI with red sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil, pepperoni and nduja even though I do love a meaty pizza. The PROSCIUTTO topped with red sauce, mozzarella, mushroom, prosciutto, rocker, Parmesan and balsamic also looked a safe bet, perhaps too safe

So I rolled the dice and picked one out of my comfort zone, one that normally I would not have given credence to and selected the CUBANO

This one was topped with Mojo Sauce, Gruyere Cheese, Mustard, Prosciutto, Sriracha Caramel Pork Belly, Gherkins, Dill and Balsamic

I love a Cuban sandwich so in my mind I was just hoping for a Pizza that had the same sorts of flavors, that was the plan in my mind anyway


I had high hopes for this pizza when I picked it but sadly the experience of eating it did not match them. It was just too spicy hot and too sweet at the same time, almost unpleasant to my own personal tastes. I am sure some people may love it but it wasn’t one for me.

I also struggled with the large strips of gherkin which were really unwieldy to eat and sloughed off as I tried. I should have just pulled them off at the beginning but they were supposed to be part of the story so I had tried to play along and had given them a chance

In hindsight I had been too clever for my own good and picked badly I really should have either built my own or gone for one of the two pizza I ‘know’ I would like and that were crying out to me from the menu the Carbonara or the Cheeseburger. I love those equally as actual meals so I should love a pizza topped in that theme (I would hope)

On a more positive note I did enjoy the Mojito cocktail that came as part of a 2-4-1 offer on the day that we dined. It tasted quite strong and it was refreshing, perhaps too much ice but I suppose that is your classic cocktail all smoke and mirrors to make a little go far

After the event I have talked to friends who have been here and enjoyed it, although I suspect they enjoyed the special offer and price as much as they liked the pizza.

There is so much good local pizza to try and eat in Nottingham at the moment so I have to be honest and say that sadly Pizza Punks is not high up on my list. You might like it though so don’t just take my word for it. They have managed to open numerous places across the country so they must be doing something right

Located at One Fletcher Gate in Nottingham, NG1 4FS, this Pizza Punk is situated right alongside the Lace Market Tram stop so very easy to find and get too.

If you want to see what they have to offer check out their website, and socials Pizzapunkofficial on Instagram, and their local Nottingham Facebook page

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