Breakfast at Friar Tucks Cafe by Clumber Park on the A164

Friar Tucks Cafe and Grill is located just of the A164 on Limetree Avenue right opposite the entrance to Clumber Park.

We were on our way heading North to the A1 and had planned a stop off en route for a cheeky breakfast.

I had scoured the map and come up with several options on the A614 including the Limes Cafe and the Green Hut Cafe both of whom I had written about before (read more here and here.

This place was easy to find and we had not been here before so it became our chosen destination

We were happy to find that there was plenty of seating inside the portacabin cafe with a few tables and bench seats available.

We had the place to ourselves so picked a good table at the back by the menu boards so that we could peruse what was on offer to eat


The breakfast menu is quite simple offering a REGULAR and a SMALL breakfast both comprising bacon, sausage, egg, bean, tomatoes and toast. The only difference being that you got 2 of each on the Regular breakfast plate. Several extras like black pudding and mushrooms were available to pimp up your plate.

Prices were very reasonable with the Regular priced at £6 and the Small at £4.50. I thought that was quite decent as you also got a side of toast or bread with each. Tea and Coffee were extra but you got a nice big mug and it was cheap enough so I didn’t mind

We selected one Regular and one Small breakfast based purely on our respective levels of hunger


The breakfasts came on quite a chintzy plate which was quite unexpected and much better than the classic white diner plate with a chipped edge.

I was having the Regular breakfast and was happy to see some really well cooked bacon and sausages with a nice crisped up skin.

The bacon was nice and salty, the fat all rendered properly and a nice char from the grill. The sausages were on the cheap side but they were meaty and solid, quite decent to eat.

The eggs had been cooked in rings which really is not my favorite style but I do appreciate that it makes them much easier to manage on a small flat top grill. Happily these were cooked properly with a solid white and a nice runny yolk.

The beans and tomatoes had been spooned on the plate so that they melded into one in some sauce of tinned no-mans land. Both committing the apparently cardinal sin of encroaching onto the eggs which personally I don’t really mind unlike many who take issue and moan about it.


My partner in dine was having the Small breakfast declining the opportunity to partake of a ladleful of tinned tomato. Personally this would be a bit small for me but I guess that is the idea.

It looked very neat on the plate and the full glory of that fried bacon was clear to see. Often in places like this the fat and the rind can be a bit under-cooked so we were both delighted in how well it was cooked here at Friar Tucks Cafe

The baked beans and the fried egg were practically ‘spooning’ on this plate in some sort of low budget breakfast porn show.

The absence of tomato melding into the beans made them look a lot more desirable on this plated effort so I guess that sometimes less is a bit more at least when it comes to plate appeal.

It was a decent size for the money and with toast was judged to be just enough to sustain the driver for the rest of the journey.


If I had been on my own I might have considered sliding into the depths of gluttony by taking on Friar Tucks new ‘Belly- Buster Breakfast

This offering seemed to be one level above extreme! ‘3 slices of bacon, 3 sausages, 3 eggs, 3 black pudding, and 3 hash browns‘ pause for breath ‘Mushrooms, fried bread, beans and tomatoes, 2 toast’ AND a hot drink for just £10!

I don’t know if you can get that packed up for takeout in a breakfast box but if you can then you could feed a small family. We did ponder afterward that we could have ordered one and shared in the car for less than we had paid for our small and regular breakfast.

I would love to have seen one plated up but in my heart I know that a mammoth feed such as this would just defeat me. I would be over faced when it arrived and to full after to move. Would I try though? Hell yes!

Outside there was a board listing the breakfast specials which included a Breakfast bap of Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Mushrooms with beans or tomatoes for £5. I couldn’t really imagine a Bap with all that wet bean or tomato juice in it so I wasn’t too keen on the sound of that.

The Breakfast Wrap of Bacon, Sausage, egg and Hash Brown for £3.50 seemed a safer option and one I would be happier to take away to scoff in car.

Either way plenty of people popped in and out while we were dining to pick up both baps and wraps so the passing punters seemed happy enough with that deal!

All in all I was pretty happy with the breakfast situation at Friar Tucks Cafe. It was a decent feed for the money, very friendly and welcoming and also a great location and option near to Clumber Park

I already plan to stop of here next time we visit Clumber to pick up a bacon and egg cob before a walk around the lake. It is also a really handy spot for a break when driving up the A164 for a hot drink and a snack

Located officially at A614 Limetree Avenue Entrance, Clumber Park, Worksop, United Kingdom you can check them out via their Facebook Page

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