Hungrilla Gourmet Grill: Huge Burgers

Hungrilla Gourmet Grill is a burger restaurant with two locations across the county. The first and largest is in Mansfield, the second and the one from which this order came is on Middleton Boulevard in Nottingham.

The name summons up images of a cross between Godzilla and Huge Burgers and it was with that in mind that an order was placed. We were looking for some serious filling burger action, no thought of a small bitesized effort here.

The CHEESFIELD TOWN sounded like more of an ode to Chesterfield Town FC than a name befitting of a monster burger. That couldn’t be right though surely as that football team are rivals of the local Mansfield Town AFC?

The menu sheet describes this mammoth stack as being “2 x 5 1/2 Oz Homemade Beef Patty, Daily Baked Burger Bun ,Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Caramelised Onion and Triple Cheese. Bottom Sauce: Mayonnaise – Top Sauce: BBQ Sauce, Melted Cheese All Over


As promised this was a massive burger, a behemoth, and not one to be tackled lightly! Delivery travel in the box never really allows the burger to shine as it might straight from the grill to the plate yet despite that I think we got the idea.

Two large thick, meaty and juicy burger patties smothered in melted cheese. No frills here, no delicate thinly smashed burgers nope just meat and lots of meat in the shape of a burger.

We were not sure what happened to the lettuce and tomato, I think that they just got lost in the stack, covered in sauce and tucked away safely somewhere inside the bun.

That was fine this burger was truly not about the salad!

What else can we say about this mammoth meal, the pools of cheese and the top and bottom layer sauces make the sandwich. The meaty burger patties main job are to fill you up and essentially make you tired enough for a nap straight after you finish eating 😎😴

One final note was that the side of ‘small fries’ that accompanied the big burger were also huge. Almost as if the overriding principle of this order was to make sure that there was no space left in the box! 🤣

If you want one of these beasts you can get one from

Hungrilla Gourmet Grill, Unit 2, 69 Woodhouse Rd, Mansfield, NG18 2BB

or 137 Middleton Boulevard, Nottingham, NG8 1FW

Check them out also on Facebook and Instagram

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