Sunday Lunch at the Lincolnshire Poacher

The Lincolnshire Poacher is a cracking pub and one of the best real ale pubs in Nottingham. It is located a short 10-15 minute walk away from the centre and used to be one of the classic locations on a Pub crawl up Mansfield Road.

Over the years many of the pubs on that crawl have gone so these days we tend to just head straight for the Poacher to sup a few pints and sometimes to grab a bite of food.

On the blog there have been a fair few posts talking about the different meals I have eaten here. Last time I wrote was about their Game Casserole just one of many homemade meals that they serve (read more here)

Yesterday was just a normal Sunday meet up with my mate Martin for a beer and a natter enjoying several excellent local beers from the Castle Rock Brewery and from Shipstones.

As we sat and supped in the Conservatory at the back of the pub we saw people eating Sunday Lunch, hunger ensued so we both had to order some for ourselves

We both ordered the Sunday Roast for £11.95, Roast Lamb for me, Roast Beef for the Martin. Turkey was also available as an option

You could have done a deal with a pudding and a pint of Harvest Pale for £15.95 which is exceptional value basically getting a pudding for free or pennies 🥳🥳


The Roasts come with Yorkshire Pudding, Parsnip, Mash, Roast Spuds and a sea of Gravy. My plate of Roast Lamb was already pretty much full even before any vegetables came out to the table and I was feeling very happy at the prospect of tucking in

I was pleased to see a fair portion of meat and a proper Yorkshire Pudding, although there were just the two roasties they were quite big ones and there was also a big pile of soft mash potato as well.

Double bonus points were given mentally for the generous amount of gravy, all too often I have to ask for more but today there was plenty on the plate.

Vegetable wise it was all very simple and classical with each Roast accompanied by a side plate of broccoli, carrots and red cabbage.

The broccoli and carrots are cooked just right so that they have a bit of bite left in them and they are not all mushy

I am not normally that keen on Red Cabbage but I like the way that they cook it here at the Poacher

Once everything was piled onto the plate I was looking at a pretty substantial meal! I always love eating here at the Poacher because they serve proper honest home cooked food that is both filling and really tasty too.

I have never had a bad meal here and I have been treated to stuff that you don’t always see outside of a fancy restaurant like Pheasant, Rabbit, and other game having said that I think that they should be always on a classic pub menu especially when in a stew or a pie

Going back to today’s Roast Dinner in summary I can say “Absolutely fantastic stuff, no fuss, no bother, just champion – Fantastic lamb, lovely roasties, great gravy and properly cooked vegetables. I was one happy man, replete and stuffed”

The Lincolnshire Poacher is located at 161-163 Mansfield Road and it is about a 10 minute walk up the hill from the Victoria Centre or a very short bus ride.

You can check them out on the usual socials, their Facebook pageTwitter feed, and Instagram profile

If I was to take a mate from outside of town to a pub in Nottingham for a good pint and some decent pub food I reckon that I would trust the Poacher to deliver on both counts so its definitely worth adding to your list if you have not already

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