Game Casserole at the Lincolnshire Poacher

I love visiting the Lincolnshire Poacher on Mansfield Road. It has an excellent beer selection and serves some really great food.

It is a proper pub with lots of different rooms and spaces to sit in, so you get a real mixture of people drinking there and each find their own spot in the pub to sup a pint and natter.

The Lincolnshire Poacher, formerly the Old Grey Nags Head, opened as a Castle Rock Brewery pub in the late 1980’s which was probably around the time that I first started bimbling around town as a yoof looking for decent beers.

If it were a bit nearer to my apartment it would probably be my local but instead it is a destination pub of choice every so often where we sit and have 4 or 5 pints and get comfy for the evening (sometimes the day)


Above the bar hang several chalkboards listing out all the food options here at the Lincolnshire Poacher. Over the years I have tried many from burgers, to pies, to roasts, and curries, but today I was in the mood for something a little more different

The Mixed Game Casserole with a Rabbit, Venison and Partridge caught my eye as that is not something you would find just anywhere.

Further up the menu you can see an offering of a Homemade Rabbit Ragu so the use of game on the menu is not just a one off. In fact if you go back to 2017 on The Nottingham Food Blog you can find a post where I had that same Rabbit Ragu over 5 years ago (read more here).

This is why I love the menu at the Lincolnshire Poacher. It is filled with proper food and not just a nod to the latest trends, I wasn’t detecting any nduja or katsu curry on this chalkboard 🙂


The Mixed Game casserole listed on the board as “Rabbit, Venison, Partridge cooked in a Red Wine sauce with Gin soaked sloes, Rosemary & Thyme served with creamy mashed potato and vegetables” turned out to be quite a hearty bowl of food.

It was quite a rich and thick gravy and needed the plain mash and simple vegetables to lighten it out a bit. The mash was maybe a little more solid than creamy but I like it like that and when mixed with the sauce it was fine enough.


The accompanying vegetables were your standard offerings of carrots, cauliflower, and red cabbage, all cooked properly I hasten to add with a little bit of bite left.


Once all added together in the bowl I was looking down at a proper meaty feast and one that I felt was certainly going to keep me warm tonight!

The casserole was the star on the plate just as it should be, the chunks of meat were tender and fell apart as you cut in. It was hard to place all three of the meats in the dish but I was thinking that the bigger cubes were the Venison.

Every so often you got a forkful of gravy with the gin soaked sloes in it which added a little moment of wonder to the taste buds, it was really quite different perhaps slightly bitter but not unpleasant

If this was a fancy gastropub you would be paying through the nose for this plateful but here at the Poacher it is an absolute steal for £9.95!

The Lincolnshire Poacher on Mansfield Road is a real mainstay in the family of Nottingham pubs. It is easily one of the best proper pubs in town. The food is always excellent, great value and the beer selection second to none and always good

Other posts I have written here over the years featured

Homemade Meatballs, Rabbit Ragu, Burgers, and a Sunday Lunch

I feel that the next visit is crying out for a Pie!

Located at 161-163 Mansfield Road it is about a 10 minute walk up the hill from the Victoria Centre or a very short bus ride.

You can check them out on the usual socials, their Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Instagram profile


For the record my erstwhile dining companion had the Cheesey Chips , which to be fair looked really good as well!

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