Food near Tram – Nottingham to Clifton South

Travelling South on The Tram from Nottingham To Clifton

Clifton South

The Tram Line run south to Clifton Park and Ride next to the A453 from the Nottingham Train station. En Route it passes through the Meadows to the Embankment, over the River to Wilford and Compton Acres, then up past the edge of Ruddington and into Clifton.

There are quite a few places that we have found and stopped at to eat on that route.


Nottingham Station

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If you walk down from the platform into the Concourse you will find The Gourmet Kitchen which is one of the better options inside the station

They have ‘a pretty good selection of food that was, well as the name suggests, somewhat gourmet in nature. A toasted sandwich, cheese sandwich and can of fancy orangeade set me back just under a tenner. A little steep in price but I didn’t mind too much as it was all good stuff. It is a chain but it seemed to me to be one of the more preferable options.’

Gourmet Cafe Gourmet Kitchen Selection


Meadows Embankment

Meadows Embankment Sign

The Bridge Sandwich BarThis is located in the Old Toll Booth by the River Trent…One of the best features of picking up your sandwich here is the view from the dining area, and by dining area I mean the steps on the embankment down by the river. On a sunny day it is a great place to pause for a moment and even though you sometimes have to battle with a hungry swan or two it is still great to be out amongst the wildlife.”

Toll Bridge List Ham and Cheese Cob


Compton Acres Tram Stop

Aziz Khan – excellent authentic Indian-Bangladeshi Food

Located in the small shopping area

“The food was really well flavoured, delicious in fact, and it was really the sort of meal that you wake up the next day still basking in the joy of the experience”

The Apple Tree – “A Fish and Chips Friday”




Wilford Lane Tram Stop

Wilford Lane Tram Stop Sign

As the Tram Line crosses Wilford Lane you need to head along the lane to find your food and drink options.

Wilford Lane Auto’s – Well priced Hot and Cold food at the Wilford Lane Auto’s Café – Cobs, Spuds, Toasties and Brekkie – You can’t go wrong”

“The Café serves up a lot of your standard truck stop and greasy spoon café favourites. They have cobs, burgers, toasties, jacket spuds and to my delight and joy, an all-day-breakfast”

Wilford Lane Garage Sign Breakfast at Wilford Lane Garage

The Wilford Green – “British food alongside gastropub classics”

This is a great pub serving lots of great food and beer!

Slow Cooked Pork Wilford Green


Southchurch Drive North Tram Stop

Southchurch Drive North Tram Stop

The First stop as you reach the Clifton estate is the stop at Southchurch Drive North. There are a few options here for food that I have tried out

The In PlaiceThe “In Plaice” on the Tram Line in Clifton, the name is an awesome pun and they have pretty good fish and chips too

The In Plaice Haddock, Fish and Chips at the In Plaice

The Clifton Cob Shop It is a simple place serving up hot and cold cobs, just the sort of place that you need in your life when you want a bite to eat at lunch and you don’t want to eat at some boring generic overpriced chain.’

Clifton Cob Shop Roast Pork Cob

Nevada ChickenSome decent fried chicken and even a healthier grilled chicken option Arabian Rice with Boneless Chicken Strip”

Nevada Chicken Flyer Fried Chicken at Nevada Chicken in Clifton


Holy Trinity Tram Stop

Holy Trinity Tram Stop

The tram winds it way around  up toward the Holy Trinity Church where you can find a little group of shops including a butcher and a baker and another Fish and Chip shop

Quality Fish Bar ‘Although it is called the ‘Quality Fish Bar’, it seems to sell a lot more than just Fish and Chips. It is the sort of place that you can get a whole load of those standard takeout options, in their own words “Pizzas, Kebabs. Burgers, Chicken”.

Quality Fish Bar in Clifton Fish and Chip Special at The Quality Fish Bar


Summerwood Lane Tram Stop

Summerwood Lane Tram Stop

Clifton Fish Bar  “Clifton Fish Bar is a well established family run fish and chip shop”…’The actual haddock fillet itself was moist, juicy and plentiful. Huge great big white flakes of meat falling off as I cut into it. I quite enjoyed the foot long piece of fish.’

The Clifton Fish Bar Haddock Chips and Peas from the Clifton Fish Bar


Clifton South Tram Stop

Clifton South Tram Stop

The Last or I suppose first stop on the line is at the park and ride side at Clifton South. There is a little kiosk here called the  The Platform

‘As I strolled over to catch the tram into the city from the Clifton South Tram Stop,  I was pleasantly surprised to find The Platform, a kiosk selling hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and the odd cake…. you get there early enough in the morning you can get a Bacon Cob, I was told that they started selling them at about 7.30 am’ 

Edit: Sadly this now seems to be closed

The Platform Kiosk